It’s the little things…

Following on from my last post, on the same trip, Jake and I came across another people watching opportunity. We found ourselves driving along behind an adorable old couple in the most amazing car – an Anglia deluxe (yes, I wrote the name down – I am now determined to get one.) We were so intent on continuing to drive behind them that we decided to abandon the route the Sat Nav had kindly mapped out for us and continue following them. Totally worth it.


I should explain that I like to keep an eye out for nice old people. The main reason for this is that both my sets of grandparents are, shall we say, a tad strange. Because of this, and maybe a little because of the commitment phobia, old couples who seem happy and relatively sane intrigue me – I want to know their secret.


This couple were trundling along in their wonderful, tiny little car, visibly bouncing at every bump in the road, yet they looked so serene. They weren’t talking much, but you could tell it was a comfortable silence (well, as silent as you get in a little old car). I imagine they were just enjoying the gorgeous scenery, in the rare Scottish sun, on their way to an adorable little seaside town, which, happily, was the one we had planned on going to anyway. Definitely meant to be my new adoptive grandparents.


IMG_1386 IMG_1413

Commitment to people watching…

IMG_1398IMG_1438 IMG_1439 

leads to wonderful adventures.


After a wander round the town, (we didn’t follow them after they got out of the car – I do have some boundaries,) we came back to the car park to find them settled in their wonderful Anglia, eating fish & chips. I’d like to think this is a routine they’ve shared for a long time – maybe on a particular date, maybe just when the sun comes out – either way, they looked perfectly content, just chatting and munching away.


We had planned on going out for tea, however, when we found that the restaurant we had wanted to go to was closed, we took it as a sign that we should, again, follow the old couple’s example. Seriously, if you get a chance, go to Anstruther Fish Bar. Best chippie I’ve ever had.


While I didn’t manage to get them to adopt me, or let me drive around in their car, what I learnt from this couple is quite simple. For a relationship to work, whether romantic or not, you have to enjoy doing things together. Life lessons: make plans to do fun things, and appreciate the little things.


Kirsty x


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