My most sincere apologies for neglecting this blog and you lovely people of the internet. As I’m sure many of you are aware, studying and exams came and ruined all the fun. Over the last month-and-a-bit, life has consisted of many, many books, so much food, all of the tea, and the occasional motivational gin/glass of wine. (Don’t tell anyone.) However, now I am free from their clutches, and have had a wonderful celebratory weekend, complete with end of exam treats from the best flatmate ever – raspberry frangipane (nope, I don’t know how to pronounce it either, we have been calling it “frangy-pangy”), and possibly the most appropriate mug I’ve ever seen:

image1 image2image3

I am slowly weaning myself off the endless motivational cups of tea and snacks, I have finally got round to renewing my gym membership, which definitely means I have become magically fit and skinny overnight, and I promise to be much better about keeping the blog up to date.

With the loss of my social life to being stuck in the library, which I took to referring to as ‘the prison’ on particularly bad study days, I feel like I have been missing out. So, in reclaiming my time, I am going to do more of what I like doing. What I have missed most, (apart from regular human contact) is keeping up with the arts, and discovering new artists, because there is always something new and exciting happening in Glasgow, so I’m planning on going to lots of art exhibitions, theatre shows, and anything else that takes my fancy. In between dancing around Glasgow in excitement at my new-found freedom, I will be blogging about what I find, with, as always, a focus on people. I will also, of course, continue people watching in my usual fashion, in case any die-hard fans were concerned.

Stay tuned for my musings on people, arts, and life in general!

Kirsty x

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